PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED RUBRIC AND FOLLOW THE REQUIREMENT AS STATED FOR PROFICIENT WORK! Also include a subheading for each section being completed within the rubric. Thank you! I have recieved 2 bad papers for this topic so far. 

Outcomes of the farm bill  Policy

1. Research the professional literature and use at least three sources to explain:

a. How does the policy intend to achieve its goals and objectives; explain how the policy interfaces with the clients.

b. What are the unintended consequences of the policy?

Evaluation of the Policy

2. Use professional literature to explain the impact of the policy on the problem.

a. Explain what aspects of the policy do or do not work.

3. Discuss your critical thinking about client systems and the social work profession as it relates to your social policy.

4. Discuss the congruence or lack of congruence of the policy with social work practice theories and the Code of Ethics (values and/or standards).

Recommendations for Change

5. Analyze and make suggestions for how this policy and/or its implementation should be changed in order to improve its outcomes. What do you think needs to be changed and how? Specifically, what recommendations flow from the research literature which you found