Step 1:  Read one of the article listed below

Step 2. 

a. Think of your essay as a report on your research of one of the articles from the resources below.  Give your reader an understanding of the goal of the article you report upon and what you learned from reading it.  Teach your reader some specific mathematics you learned.

b. Assume your reader does not know about Fibonacci Numbers nor the golden ratio. If you introduce other mathematical objects be sure to define them (MATHWORLD is agood source for definitions). Be sure you have specific mathematical examples to illustrate your observations.

c.  Direct your essay toward the general reader who has not read the text nor the article you are reporting on. Provide specific examples to support your observations. Give your reader an understanding of the goal of the article you report upon. Include at least two citations from the article and when you cite them, indicate page number. Include the full bibliographic data of the article you choose to report upon in a Work Cited list.