This project will consist of you utilizing what you have learned in class and apply it in a highly practical and effective way in your own financial situation. You will create financial statements and calculate ratios. Feel free to use your own finances, modify them as you see fit, or create an entirely fictional person. Use Times New Roman 12-point font and cite your sources using MLA format. The report should be 6-12 pages double spaced with tasteful use of graphs if needed. Final projects will be uploaded onto the Document Sharing page in MyFinanceLab no later than 11:59PM on 15 Dec 2021. You are encouraged to bounce ideas off your fellow class members but each student must submit their own original project. Follow the proceeding outline: 

1. Set the stage and describe the person whose finances you are examining. Can be fictional personor even yourself if you choose. Some attributes should include: age, living situation, marital status,children, education, job status, spending habits, financial accounts etc. Add more attributes asneeded to complete the narrative about the individual and their financial situation and personality. 
2. Calculate the following: current ratio, months living expense covered ratio, debt ratio, long-termdebt coverage ratio, and savings ratio. How do your ratios compare with the average American? 
3. Create a detailed Monthly Budget based on realistic income and expense figures based on thetemplate given in the Personal Finance Budgeting Spreadsheet file in Document Sharingsection of MyFinanceLab 
4. Calculate their taxes due and dont forget about credits, deductions etc.! 
5. Assume they have a credit card. What type of card do they have and from what financialinstitution? What are the fees? Based on our knowledge what is the individuals credit score? Howdoes the score affect their finances? 
6. Lets say your selected individual has decided to save. Where have they put their liquid funds?Checking Accounts? Money Market Mutual Funds? Calculate the future value of a couple differentinvestment using a financial calculator. 
7. Assume they have built an investment portfolio. Based on the persons situation, what would be anideal portfolio asset allocation and why? Asset classes can include (domestic/foreign stock/bond,gold, cryptocurrencies, real estate, oil, art, venture capital, cash etc.) 
8. What do you think the future holds for the economy and financial markets? How will this portfolioperform in the future given your economic forecast? 
9. Conclude by summing up the finances of our selected individual and provide some advice forthem. Where do they stand in the financial order compared to peers? What are some things theycould do better? At what age could they expect to retire?
*(Create a fictiona person/scenario)*