FIN 3113 Insurance Project: UAE Insurance Report

This assignment on the FIN 3113 Insurance Project focuses on the designed UAE Insurance Report. The student further clearly indicates the understanding of the insurance sector, the regulatory environment, and comprehension of the insurance process.

FIN 3113 Insurance Project: UAE Insurance Report

The FIN 3113 Insurance _ Project

Project Objective:

In this project, students are required to design a report on UAE Insurance. Also, This report is designed to well understand the UAE insurance sector, the regulatory environment and further give a good comprehension of the insurance process with a specific Car Insurance policy sample.

Contents of the Project

In this project, you must include the following sections:

Executive Summary  (5 %) Overview of  the UAE Insurance Sector (30%)

The structure of the insurance market. Further, The role of insurance companies in UAE economic development. Also, The beginning of insurance supervision. Reasons and objective of regulating the insurance business. Also, The UAE  Insurance Authority IA and also the impact of financial regulation on UAE insurance companies. An overview of general insurance and life insurance policies in the UAE context, (5%). In addition, Select a Sample of a Car Insurance Policy (Real contract to be attached to your report project) (5%)

FIN 3113 Insurance Project: UAE Insurance Report

5. Further, Read and actually understand your selected insurance policy by summarizing the following in a table ((10%): a. Declaration page information b. Coverage level c. Policy terms

6. Case Study: Also, Assuming that after a car accident, all that needs to be dealt with in the car itself. If so, you’re lucky. In addition,  for those of us who attach names to their autos, it can be a hard experience. Where do you start? What are should you do? also, (students have to explain the Action Taken, claim, deductible payment.) (20%)

7. Motor insurance practice in UAE: Problems and prospects (10%)

8. Additionally, Conclusion ((5%)

Other features: Grammar. APA Style etc. (10%)

1.            Project Assessment Criteria

      The assessment of the project will be undertaken by the instructor.

       Also, Marks distribution will be as follows:

       Group Project Report       30 marks

       Individual Oral Defense  10 marks Project Submission

–              Also, Project submission on Week 14 of the semester.

–              to the hard copy, additionally, students are required to submit the report in the soft copy also through the Turnitin (or SafeAssign) system which is available online at www.turnitin account. High “similarity index” will result in low marks for the project submitted.

–              Attach the Car Insurance Policy you used as an appendix in your final report, do not submit through Turnitin)


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