Your final essay is due Friday,  You will follow the same formatting and content instructions (Links to an external site.) that were provided for the midterm essay. The rubric used to evaluate your final essay is the same as the midterm essay rubric.  Again, I will not accept your essay if these guidelines are not followed. When you finish your essay convert it to a PDF file and attach it to an email and send it to — . Do not send it to me via a system which I need to be given access to such as Google Docs. Directly attach the PDF file to an email.

The following link provides access to the essay question(s) that you need to address and submit.

  • Midterm Essay Question (Links to an external site.)

Complete the following form before you submit your essay to verify that you have followed the essay guidelines and checked your work.

  • Essay Checklist (Links to an external site.)

Good luck. Be sure to contact me or Gavin should you have any questions about how to proceed with this assignment.