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Final Essay on Sundiata and Popul Vuh

Topic 1: One of the Five Great Themes of World Literature is Sacred & SecularAs stated in Unit 1B of this course, We will find in our study of literary masterpieces from the past many intricate negotiations between the divine and the earthly realms

Discuss what we learn about how divine powers and earthly beings interact in Sundiata

(in an area with a syncretic religion) and Popol (which is not a sacred text but presents the Mayan cosmology)Which values embodied by these Interactions are considered significant by their societies ? One of the passages you should quote (all or in part) and analyze is the following

: At the time when Sundiata was preparing to assert his claim over the kingdom of his fathersSoumaoro was the king of kings the most powerful king in all the lands of the setting sun

. The fortified town of Sosso was the bulwark of fetishism against the word of AllahFor a long time Soumaoro defied the whole world. Since his accession to the throne of Sosso he had defeated nine kings whose heads served him as fetishes in his macabre chamber….

So his countless sofas were very brave since they believed their king to be invincible . But Soumaoro was an evil demon and his reign had produced nothing but bloodshed Nothing was taboo for him His greatest pleasure was publicly to flog venerable old men (41) Topic #2: Both Sundiata and Popol Vuh deal centrally with a heroic quest. Unit 1B’s introduction to the Five Great Themes of World Literature states with regard to the hero : The surest way to understand what a culture of the past most values is to focus on what it considers heroic, in that a culture recognizes its heroes as embodying its most important ideas, the values that are essential Discuss what forces Sundiata and the Hero Twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque have to overcome and how they go about doing it . For Sundiata your presentation will probably focus on Sundiata’s historical destinyin Popol the Twins quest will have a more mythic quality

, but you probably will focus on the meaning for the Mayan culture of the mythic events. One of the passages you should quote (all or in part ) and analyze is the following: Hunahpu was sacrificed by Xbalanqué one by one his arms and his legs were sliced offhis head was cut from his body and carried awayhis heart was torn from his breast and thrown onto the grass. All the Lords of Xibalba were fascinated

. They looked on in wonder , but really it was only the dance of one manit was Xbalanqué "Get uphe said , and instantly returned to life Do the same with us ! Sacrifice us they said. Cut us into pieces , one by one Hun-Camé and Vucub Camé said to Hunahpu and Xbalanqué And so it happened that they first sacrificed the one, who was the chief and Lord of Xibalbal the one called Hun-Camé , king of Xibalba And when HunCamé was dead, they overpowered Vucub Cameand they did not bring either of them back to life Part Ch,13)