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The integrated Mini-Case in chapter 3 in the assigned text is the Case Study for this class.  This case involves the study of financial statement analysis.  This case study will be a group project and will emailed to the instructor during the final class session.  The instructor will be available for questions and direction.  It is highly recommended that groups start working on the case study the very first class session.

The final product should be a single email, in .pdf format and include the following:

      A paper explaining the problems, the methods used to solve the problems, and a conclusion.  This paper is typically two to three pages and is always grammatically error free.

      Several 8.5 x 11 spreadsheets (in .pdf format) with calculations and supporting calculations.  These detail calculations should be referenced in the paper and support the conclusions.


The intended audience is the management team of Garners Platoon Mental Health Care, Inc. and the presenters are members of a consulting practice. 

The textbook is “Finance Applications & Theory” 5th edition 

I will also provide the ratios. I just need you to write the paper explaining what ratios are not good as the industry standard and how to fix them.