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Learning Goal: I’m working on a finance writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

There are seven important requirements for this question. 1. The crucial part of this question is the explanations and list out every single symbols, formulas, algebra steps whether it is about the differentiation, the summation operator or anything as to explain to a primary school student who has not done this subject and know nothing about this topics. Which means I would need all the theories, step by step, and all the symbols in details. 2. The actual answers, the actuals answers must be incorporate with the explanations as shown as something in the screenshot sample where the explanations and the actual answers are combined together. 3. I will have many questions to follow afterward and the tutor must be very welcoming and have the right attitude to answer any concerns I have. The answers must be typed In a word document, with all the formulas or any algebra manipulation typed in the word document using the formula option.

For example, the question starts with 1. List out all the necessary symbols, formulas, theories. 2. Explain what the 1 list out . 3. The answer with all the manipulation steps with the explanations of each manipulation and each algebra. 4. Enthusiastic attitude about any queries I am having and follow up with all the queries. 5. Provide a summary all the key formulas and also the key definitions at the end of the document. 6. Work in the long run if this one works out well.

The two pdfs attached are one for the question part and the second one for the answer part with the third one with the answers and the explanations as the sample I am looking for.

I look forward to work with the tutor in the long run for months if we work this question out well, thank you for your time.

Please use the attached slides, to answer the questions, thank you so much!

Please do not use chatGPT to answer the questions rather than using the attached slides!