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For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of ten slides that covers the five-step process discussed in the required reading and the lesson. Include at least one graphic in your presentation that supports the content.
Before you begin your presentation, you will need to conduct a community risk assessment by determining the neighborhood with the highest fire risk in your area. You can do this by interviewing senior fire department staff in your area, reviewing report data obtained from your local fire department, and/or using local geographic information system (GIS) fire location maps, if applicable.
To create your ten-slide presentation follow the outline below:
  • Create a title slide.
  • Create a graphic with the five-step process steps written out.
  • Identify how to assess fire risks in your community.
  • Explain your experience of how you, specifically, determined the neighborhood with the highest fire risk in your community.
  • Explain how you would develop community partnerships.
  • Provide your intervention strategy for the busiest neighborhoods identified risk(s).
  • Explain how you would implement your intervention strategy.
  • Explain the benefits of evaluating the results of your intervention strategy.
  • Create a conclusion slide.
  • Create a reference slide.
For this presentation, you can utilize bullets, lists, charts, tables, paragraphs, images, or any other means you feel will get your points across.
Do not utilize the note section of your presentation. It is not required for this assignment. You are also not required to narrate your presentation. Ensure the presentation you create is your own authentic work. Ensure that you follow APA guidelines and cite any resources you use.
Remember to review the rubric and compare it with your presentation before you submit it.
For information about creating a presentation using PowerPoint, view   or reach out to the Writing Center for assistance.
The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.