Fire Ecology
Paper details:
PLEASE READ ALL AND LOOK AT THE EXAMPLES AT BOTTOM! Please dont copy and paste stuff.

For Quercus suber create your own version of what its record would look like if it was included in the Fire Effects Information System database: to an external site.

Your record should include the following sections:

Disturbance and Occurrence (20 points): A descriiption of where this species can be found and common associated plants and animals. Descriiptions should include elevation, topography, and site conditions.

Botanical and Ecological Characteristics (40 points): A descriiption of the general morphological traits, and physiological properties associated with this plant.

Fire Ecology (60 points): A descriiption of fire adaptations and fire regimes associated with this species.

Fire Effects (40 points): A descriiption of the observed post-fire effects associated with this species such as survival, direct and delayed mortality, re-establishment, etc.

Management Considerations (20 points): A descriiption of management considerations associated with this species.

References (20 points): A list of references – please limit websites to <25% of total references.

The expectation is that this report should be 8-10 pages in length of single spaced (11-12 pt font). This number of pages should include pictures and graphics. Please make sure that these pictures and graphics are smaller than 50% of a page.

Take a look at these examples as a general idea of what these reports look like: