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Florida LLC owns and operates Bay Hotel in Tampa Florida. In July of year 20X5 Florida LLC entered into a sale agreement with ABC LLC, to sell the property to ABC for $39 million.
ABC paid $9 million at the time he agreement was signed as a deposit and to be applied to the final purchase price. ABC LLC had two years to complete the purchase. In year 20X7 ABC LLC notified Florida LLC that it could not obtain the balance of the financing and it forfeited the total sum of the deposit.
How should Florida LLC treat the $9 million on its tax return. (note in 20X4 Florida had a section 1231 Loss of $1.5 million)
1. Prepare tax research memo using the format shown in the attached document.
2. Cite the Internal Revenue Code to support your conclusion (I.R.C. Sections 1221 & 1231 covered in this chapter).
3. Provide the citation as an end note.