Create an informational flyer, handout, or poster for families or the community highlighting child abuse information or prevention. (NAEYC 6. e)
Use Microsoft Publisher or another publishing program or PosterMyWall to develop one innovative but realistic handout highlighting child abuse information or prevention.
PosterMyWall Link:
The handout/flyer must focus on one of the following issues:
child abuses facts
child abuse prevention
community resources for families involved in abusive situations
Any information taken from sources must be cited in a reference list at the bottom or on the back of your handout. Please do not copy information directly from the Internet or any other source. The handout/flyer must be created using several sources and designed to appeal to the selected audience.
I have provided you with several samples of Flyer Resources about Child Abuse and Prevention to look at so that you know how to create your flyer.
Please click on the links to view the resources: