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For cultural activity 2, please find a Spanish-language film to watch and analyze. This means a film produced in Spanish, (not The Lion King in Spanish, for example). It must be produced in Spanish! Check IMDb or Wikipedia to verify that your movie was produced in Spanish, and not in English. You can not use Coco, Encanto, Selena, Book of Life, La Bamba, or the Narcos series on Netflix. Find something new!
After watching, do some additional research into the cultural and/or historical components of the film, and write a brief summary of the film (1/2 page, single-spaced (worth 25 pts) , and a 1.5 -page, single-spaced analysis (75 pts) discussing 2 or more cultural or historical themes that you gleaned from the film (see example below). Total length: 2 pages of typed content (not including headings/works cited).
You can write the summary half-page and the 1.5-page cultural analysis in English, although it would be great if you attempt some portion of your summary in Spanish (You can use present tense verbs, hay, ser, ir, AR/ER/IR, gustar, etc!).
and this too
Not sure what a theme is?
A theme can be anything. We want to focus on cultural themes relating to the Spanish-speaking communities portrayed in your film. Examples of themes can be as broad or as specific as you like. Examples of themes (that you by no means have to use!) could be: Family relationships, romantic relationships, public health issues, politics, sports, gender issues (feminism, etc.), mental health issues, civil rights issues, social justice issues, historical events, crime, immigration, wealth inequality, food culture, music culture, youth culture, etc Whatever themes that make themselves evident to you while you watch, you can use! Just be sure in your research to relate those issues to what you saw in the film, and make sure they relate to the Spanish-speaking groups or communities from your film.
The objectives of this activity are twofold: Learn something cultural/historical about the Spanish-speaking groups in the film, as well as experience a new film all in Spanish.
Include internet sources in your write up, including links, and in-text citations.
To get full credit, you need to use sources, read up on the theme(s) from your film, and cite these sources in your 1.5-page analysis. Your paper should be 2 pages single-spaced (not including your headings/works cited page!), MLA format, 12 point font, Times New Roman, and include a works-cited page.