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For hobbes, locke, rousseau, astell, and winstanley –create academic arguments comparing authors.

This Essay is for exam prep.. does not need to be 100% formal. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILES FOR DIRECTIONS. Will focus on their answers to Unit 1 question – “Why should we be governed by states?” Authors Included: Hobbes, Winstanley, Locke, Astell, Rousseau, U.S. Declaration, Haitian Declaration, Declaration of Sentiments, Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, Tocqueville, Douglass, Mills, Wollstonecraft, Pateman, Kropotkin, Goldman, Wolff For each author, create a study page:

Write down the 4-5 main elements of the academic argument (they say, I say) for each, Write down the author’s answer to the unit question–“Why should we be governed by states?”, Write down and define any of the author’s relevant concepts. For Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Astell, and Winstanley –create academic arguments comparing authors. Prompts below Prompts 1: Burke is committed to preserving the morals and order of the traditional European monarchical state.

In three paragraphs using textual evidence from de gouges, offer an argument as to why Burkes’s view is flawed. Prompt 2: Rousseau believes that “man is born free, but everywhere is in chains.” in three paragraphs using textual evidence from one other author, show why Rousseau’s view is flawed ( use Locke, or astell.” Prompt 3: Pick a passage from … and demonstrate the passage’s importance by showing that it contains at least three elements of the fundamental academic argument.