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For the first time in history, there are five generations in the workforce

Week 6 Multi-generational In this week’s assignment, we’re going to look at the multi-generational workforce that exists today, including varying communication preferences and how technology can help/hinder this multi-generational workplace. Whether you’re working full-time already or you will be looking for work soon, you most-likely will experience and/or witness differing opinions on how technology should be used in the workplace. Hopefully, after working through this week’s assignment, you’ll have a better understanding of: First, who makes up the workforce How each generation prefers to communicate And lastly, how technology can help bridge any gaps that exist between varying-aged employees.

Let’s get started! Question 1 Question 15 pts For the first time in history, there are five generations in the workforce. Whether you are currently working full-time or you will be searching for a full-time job soon, it’s important for you to recognize and understand the various ways different generations typically prefer to communicate. To help us understand these preferred communication methods, please do the following: Check out the following article/infographic: https://www.purdueglobal.edu/education-partnerships/generational-workforce-differences-infographic/ (Links to an external site.) Simply list the names and years of the five generations that exist in the workplace. Lastly, share what the infographic considers is your preferred communication method based on your generation and whether or not those line up with you personally.