For this assignment you will choose one of the Sample Poems from Chapter I, Descriptive Details in The
Strategic Poet (there are six Sample Poems in the chapter).
Using language and concepts from class discussion and readings, including the course outline, conduct a short critical analysis of your chosen poem. Consider both form and content, paying close attention to Minots five fundamental qualities that distinguish poetry from prose as well as the questions for analyzing poetry from the Little Brown Handbook (both are on the last page of the course outline I have inlcuded a download of the course outline in the download). In addition, you will want to consider diction and the overall tone of the poem you choose which is Aunt Ed by besty throne, and you will need to consider why the choices made by the writer are effective (or ineffective!) in the overall structure and impact of the poem. When thinking about form and structure, you might consider things such as line breaks, stanza breaks, and sentences (Is the poem composed of separate sentences, and
where do they begin and end? or one long sentence, for example?).
This is not a research or argumentative academic assignment. However, you will still need to make direct reference to specific examples from the poem to illustrate and support what you have to say. And the assignment should be well organised and thoughtfully written utilizing correct grammar.