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GMO’s are genetically modified organisms. GMO’s are in layman’s terms food that was genetically changed through artificial techniques. The DNA of the Organism has been altered to change the outcome.(Munusamy, 2019) Some examples would be to increase crop yield to provide for the growing population., resistance to parasites, or environmental changes.

some drawbacks of genetically modifying crops are. Potential GMO gene transfer to humans, “Since genetic modified DNA is being transferred to humans, those genes containing anti-biotic resistance can possibly lead to untreatable infections.”(Gildea, 2018, 6 section)

If we look at the genetically modified crops that are involved with biotech. The risk seems much higher at this point in the studies. Conventional crop breeding has produced a fair amount of hybrid crops. In general conventional crop breeding is safer but will not yield the same results as laboratory-modified crops. the topic of GMO’s seems to be quite a heated One. I believe that it is mainly due to the unknown factor in my opinion.

My personal belief is that to a degree modifying crops may have to be acceptable. I have that feeling based on the state of our climate and the worry of losing pollinators. If we proceed down this road we should take caution. Sometimes results take time and we need not rush.




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