Gel casting and electrophoresis


This week we will be performing gel electrophoresis to determine the banding patterns of your food samples to determine if any are genetically modified. Remember, about 85% of GMOs will possess the CaMV 35S sequence, which is ~200 bp in length. The cpDNA gene is also ~200 bp.


Gel Casting


  1. See directions above for PTC exercise. Each group’s gel will contain samples from the PTC exercise AND the GMO exercise!


Gel electrophoresis


  1. Place gel into the electrophoresis chamber. Make sure there is enough 1X TBE buffer to cover to gel.


  1. Load 20 ul of each PCR sample (and 5 ul of the DNA ladder) into the gels following the diagram below. Refer to the table above for tube-sample correspondence.


Tube 1     Tube 2     Tube 3     Tube 4     Tube 5     Tube 6     Ladder     Empty










  1. Run gel for 20 min at 120 V.


  1. Visualize results using transilluminator and obtain genotypes.


  1. Use your smartphone to take a picture of your gel.

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