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Gender and Media

 For our 2nd day this week, we’re going to pick a SONG or POEM or MUSIC VIDEO that you like, and discuss it. Here are the requirements: 1) Write a reading response that begins with the name of the song/poem/music video you chose and its author. If possible, give a hyperlink to the poem/song (or music video) as well. (The author cannot be you.) The tricky part is that the song/poem/video you pick must discuss (at least a little) some aspect of how women look at themselves, or how men look at themselves, or how men and women look at or communicate with each other, or how people are bending the definition of traditional genders, sexuality, or dating.

If you wrote about a video in our earlier “Gender and Media” week, you can’t pick the same video. 2) Write a three to four sentence summary of your text. 3) Now write at least two paragraphs (180 words) explaining what you think is the meaning of your text. If you’re finding it difficult to figure out what the text means, no problems; focus your response instead of what SOME of the words (or images) mean. Also, you must quote at least 40 words from your text. 4) I’ll be particularly impressed if you can compare your text to some of the poems we discussed in class! (But you don’t have to do this.) 5) Do a standard student response, as always. If you pick a song or video, you should try to google search the name of that song and its artist in order to find the lyrics (the “lyrics” is what the words to a song are called). A great site for this is https://genius.com, which often links to a video recording of the song as well.