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Gender, Psychology and Justice: The mental Health of Women and Girls in the Legal System
Paper details:
Pay attention to details
The use of Microsoft Word (12 point font)
1-1.25 margins
Please use correct grammar and citations
*Use expanded or sophisticated grammar*
Organize all points
Categorize Points
No additional filler words
Straight to the point with clear understanding
Follow all instructions
Be very detailed with information
Provide Introduction
Provide summary
Do Not have lengthy paragraphs and make sure they are clear and focused
Do NOT add a lot of quotes or citations within the paper
Follow the example provided
Highlight strong points
MUST answer ALL questions
Proper in-text APA 7th edition citations in all papers
Provide a well structured Research Question
Well structured Thesis Statement
Make sure the book and information is integrated and flows
Dot not say in this article or book describes this- be specific
Find relevant articles and peer reviewed journals
Look at each book and how do they speak together and find the connections.
Add articles about Black women mental health in the legal system
This paper should focus on RACE, GENDER and MENTAL HEALTH

Research Question needs to be focused on RACE, GENDER and MENTAL HEALTH
Should be centered around African American Women.

When writing Do NOT write Black- Do write African American

Two Books and their summaries will be provided to help develop the paper. Do not just copy and paste.
The main book is the title of the paper