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Learning Goal: I’m working on a physics writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

1) Which instrument converts sound into electricity


2) Name the instrument that converts electrical signals into sound signals

Loud speaker

3) Which instrument used to detect the presence of electric charge?

Electro scope

4) Which barometer without liquid?

Aneroid Barometer

5) What is commonly used in a rectifier to convert alternating current to direct current?


6)Who was the frist scientist to win the Nobel Prize for Physics?

Roentgen for inventing X-ray

7) In Radar which wave is used?

Radio waves

8) The frist Atom Bomb was dropped over Hiroshima. What was used as fuel in that Atom Bomb?

Uranium 235

9) Sunrays reach on earth by

Conduction and convection

10) Which type of plastic behaves like sponge?


11) What type of electricity is there in the house supply lines?

Alternating current

12) Name the metal which cannot be penetrated by X-rays?


13) Why do the sky and Sea See as blue

Due to the scattering of light

14)Matter exists in the form of solid, luquid, gas and plasma. Among these forms which state has the maximum matter in the universe?

Plasma state

15)In artifical sattelites, electric current is supplied by

Solar cells