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In the first part of your essay, describe a trivial belief that you used to hold but no longer do. This really should be something trivial: looking back on your belief, you should think with some bemusement, I cant believe I ever used to think like that. Explain the origins of this belief and why you found it so compelling at the time.
In the second part of your essay, describe the process of coming to realize that your former belief was unsustainable. Explain why you changed your mind, and what you believe now.
In the third part of your essay, relate your transformation to one of the assigned readings from this unit, quoting and citing your source using correct MLA style (in-text citations with a Works Cited page). How is your experience similar to, or different from, the experience of the author?
In the final part of your essay, reflect on the process by which your belief changed and on beliefs themselves. Generalize from the experiences that youve just written about to explain where beliefs in general come from, and what can cause them to change. (You should not, that is, just repeat information about your specific belief; rather than talking about your belief, this final paragraph should discuss beliefs.) Make sure that you draw only on your specific examples from the first three parts of the essay; do not introduce new evidence or examples.