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Choose 5 countries to talk about:

Create a rough draft of your slideshow presentation utilizing all the different pieces from this project. The presentation should showcase the story of your magazine and should have a minimum of one slide for each different section of the project you have worked on throughout these units. Remember this commemorative issue will be sold worldwide, so you will need to include a lot of information about each city. You aren’t selling to locals, so you’ll have to provide maps, diagrams, postcards, and pictures. 

Provide information on where the residents live and how they have adapted to the environment. Your project should  include  a band name and a tour name  a record label and a tour sponsor  concert dates, cities, and venue names artifacts to sell your issue (ticket stubs, inside stories, etc.)  pictures, maps, t-shirts, postcards, and e-mails to make the presentation more interesting For each city, you must touch on the five themes of geography. Be sure to include information about six concert dates—one city for every continent. 

You don’t need to purchase anything for this project. It is all about facts, story, and creative appeal. 6 city reviews from 6 continents with images 150-250 words of text on each city showing your understanding the themes of geography regarding same. All other requirements as per Module 1 Guidance. Your reflections on the project. Works Cited Page in MLA format as below with at least 3 sources