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Specific Topic due the last Sunday of the course at 11:59pm PDT

Select a specific topic for your paper that interest you and research the topic in depth. It has to be unique and It must have some bearing to Geology!! For instance, if you want to write about Earthquakes and its association with plate tectonics. For example, earthquakes occur in the vicinity of an active plate tectonic such as the ring of fire. Your discussion should go beyond what is covered in class or in the textbook.



Planetary Geology


Structure Geology




Plate Tectonics


Geodesy (GPS)




Computational Geosciences



Sample Titles:

  • The Geology of our Solar System
  • The Nature of Crystals
  • The Galapagos Island’s Volcanoes
  • A Study of the History of Groundwater and its Importance to the Ecosystem and Humanity
  • Seismology and the San Andreas Fault

The Introduction/Organization

Your introduction should be impressive and grab the reader’s attention. This is important in order to encourage or induce the reader to continue. One of the best ways to have written a clear purpose or argument that is easily apparent to a reader in the introduction. When writing your paper take care with the construction of paragraphs. Ensure that paragraphs are arranged in a logical manner and avoid being repetitive. Spelling and grammar mistakes should never be made. It is a very basic requirement to get your paper proofread by a competent person before submitting it. Lastly, conclusion should be well supported by the body of your work. Try to ensure that the conclusion gives appropriate insights into the research paper topic. It is essential to check that the conclusions, questions raised or suggested solutions are strongly supported within the introduction.



Your paper should approximate 5 pages of written content typed, double spaced, standard margins and standard font.  In addition, include relevant diagrams, maps, charts, tables and/or photos in your paper.  You must use at least two sources (your textbook and Wikipedia are not sources).

Use the Google Scholar (Links to an external site.) website to find references as well as search engines to find web resources.

Use documentation MLA format prefer to show your sources for paraphrasing, summarizing or for direct quotes.