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Given the Holocaust, provide an argument for or against the existence of a monotheistic God
Paper details:
you got a B-. There were a number of things missing or off.
No discussion of Cohen; no discussion of the four Protestant Theologians, not much clarity regarding Gruber, Rubenstein himself, Fackenheim, Wasserman, or Schneersohn. Also
p 1 is this topic a Jewish Issue or a Jewish-Christian issue?
2 (bottom) regarding Fackenheim: No he is NOT a survivor–which is part of the objection to his formulation; he is in Canada by the time the Hooocaust begins.
p 4 again Fackenheim: no discussion of the 614th commandment or its problems
p 5 Rubenstein: are you discussing his 1966 view or the view he came to expressed int the second edition that we read (1992)? Where does Rubenstein “break with tradition in 1975” and what about his God of Nature idea?; and are there no issues or problems with Gruber’s formulation?
pp5-6 Schneersohn: no mention of his idea of sacrificial offering to bring the Messiah
p 6 Maybaum: no problems with his formulation? Wasserman: where is this idea of his disbelief in God from? Where is his discussion of punishment and sacrifice (or the problem fof trying to have both)?