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Global expansion requires many elements of analysis and planning. Some of those factors are beyond the scope of this course, but the budgeting and financial planning of those activities are important. These planning ideas can include budgeting for costs related to human resources, training, marketing, real estate, legal filings. You are being asked to act as a planner for a company expanding into a global market. Please see the instructions below.
Instructions: Think of a company in your area that makes a product that you really like. If you cannot think of a company or product, you can create one. Now, imagine you are asked to present a budget and financial plan to help the company to take that favorite local product globally. If you wish, you may select a single country to focus on.
In your capacity as a budgeting and financial management consultant for this company, you have been asked to create a financial plan with a 3-year annualized budget for expansion.
Your plan should include:
budgeting analysis of licensing,
legal recognition,
partnerships (if needed),
quarterly market reporting,
and other elements you wish to add.
The goal is to recommend a budget that will cover the expansion of the product distribution into at least three new countries during the 3 years.
This plan is a PowerPoint presentation. This is a marketing piece showing the skills as a budgeting and financial consultant.
You really want to impress your clients with a solid budget and analysis on how to make their local product a global product.
Length: 10-15 slides
References: Since you will select a local company, you may use local references to cite what the company does. You should have no less than three self-researched sources for your slide presentation.