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Purpose:The purpose of this paper is to describe a global health problem that can beexplored through research, discuss how this health problem is applicable inboth the United States and other countries of the world, and how nurses canimpact the issue. 



1.    Select a global healthcare issue(from the CDC or WHO website, or if you have a topic in mind), and email to theinstructor for approval. Once approved, post to Discussion Board. First comefirst served!

2.    Obtain two (2) NURSING researcharticles and email them to your instructor for approval along with an Outlineof your paper using the Format of Paper described below. The sooner the better.Once your articles and outline are approved, follow the guidelines below foryour paper. 

3.    Note: you may use WHO and CDC asadditional sources. 

4.    Paper length should be 4-5 pages ofcontent (meaning the Title page and Reference page do not count). 

5.    Use 7th edition APAguidelines.

6.    No more than three (3) quotes may beused.

7.    In total, use at least one nursingtext, at least two (2) nursing articles (less than 5 years, peer reviewed, froma nursing journal), and two (2) reputable websites such as the WHO or CDC forworld impact statistics.

8.    See rubric for details.



Formatof Paper


Introduction:Start your paper with a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) that will serve as anintroduction to the paper. The introduction should conclude with your topicsentence (note your topic sentence should read: This paper will discuss topicname, the global impact of the topic name, and how nurses can impact topicname). 

Thenuse the following titles for the headings for your paper: 


GlobalHealth Problem: Topic name

Discusswhy it is important for nursing (why you have chosen this topic to write about)Global Impact of Topic name

Discusshow this problem is viewed in the United States and then how it is viewed in atleast one other country. For example, if you discuss elevated blood pressure inadults, you may discuss guidelines for defining hypertension in the UnitedStates (reference the article where the guidelines came from, using APAformat). Then find an article from another country and discuss how hypertensionis described in that country (reference the article using APA format).

HowNurses Can Impact Topic name

Discusshow nurses can have an impact on the global topic. Examples include clienteducation, lobbying for legislation, community awareness project, etc.