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Goodsons article
Please read Goodson and Yeros articles, about stories and myths that govern teaching and learning-some born of our experiences and others commonly accepted cultural myths.
Yeros article points out that teachers are as diverse in the ways in which they teach as learners as in the ways they learn. It is also true that we learn different things differently sometimes it is easier to learn a concept in collaboration, at times self-learning is best, at times learning from a peer, visual learning, doing an activity and so on. Goodsons article
In your response paper
reflect on how you learn.
Describe something difficult that you have learned and what strategies you used to master the material or the concept or the skill.
Think of what the learning environment looked like and describe that.
Now take a photograph or draw an ideal learning environment for you as a learner. You can upload your drawing, a picture you found on the internet or a photograph taken by you. Why is this an ideal learning environment for you as a learner?
Reflect: How does Yeros article help you in thinking of yourself as a learner (even if she is referring to teachers). What if anything did you understand about teaching through this article and your own reflections of how you learn.