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Grading Rubric:  

1. Develop a well thought out investment decision with supporting discussion in business terms.   Worth 5 pts.

2.  Develop a table that is easy to read and understand.  You need to provide at least 5 ratios for each company and the applicable industry ratio for each ratio included in your table that is currently reported in D&B Business Browser. Worth 15 pts.

3.  Provide an in-depth ratio analysis of the five ratios you used in the ratio comparison table.  Include an explanation of ratio importance and compare the specific ratio information between the companies and the industry ratio information.  Worth 10 pts.

4.  Develop a ratio trend table for each company that shows the five ratios that you used in your ratio comparison table for the past 5 years.  Worth 5 pts.

5.  Discuss the ratio trends reported in D&B Business Browser.  Worth 5 pts.

6.  Develop a stock trend table for each company for the 5 years from the stock report. Worth 5 pts.

7.  Discuss the stock trends reported in D&B Business Browser.  Worth 5 pts.

8.  Review and discuss SWOT analysis from the D&B Business Browser of both companies.   Your discussion must look at all 4 areas of the SWOT for each company and provide specific information from the SWOT posted in D&B Business Browser.  Worth 10 pts.

9.  Each relevant article journal referenced and discussed to support your conclusion is worth 2 pt. each.  You need 3 current articles for each company.  Worth 12 pts.  

10.  Providing a conclusion with supporting resources from previous parts and industry specific information from the D&B Business Browser. Worth 10 pts.  

11.  Providing a well-supported reflection paragraph.  Worth 8 pts.

12.  Appearance and readability of paper, which includes a reference page using APA style.  Make sure you include all the references you used to develop your recommendation.