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Great Resignation

 “Great Resignation…” Reflection Assignment Part 1: Response #1 1. Watch the video: “The Great Resignation…” and read the Article: Why Workers Say They Quit…” YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hKXEEUElO8 2. Write a reflection based on the video and address the following in your response: a. Identify two ideas, facts, or statements that stood out to you in the video and two from the article. b. Write your reflection in a document, double space, Times New Roman/ 12 font. Your response should be about 350-400 words. Add citations. Part 2: Response #2 1. Find an article, a news article, or any other credible source that has information about the accounting field and potential problems in the field. Here is an example: Education is currently undergoing a crisis. Teachers are resigning in record numbers and as a result, school administrators are struggling to find quality teachers to fill positions. In my response, I would connect the resignation crisis to this issue with classroom teachers and draw conclusions based on the research and information presented in the article I found and the information from Part 1.

2. Using the information you learned from Part 1 and the article you found, respond to the following question: a. Do the issues presented in the video and article impact you and your career in accounting? Whether it does or does not, explain your answer. You should draw meaningful conclusions. 3. Write your response on a document, double space, Times New Roman/ 12 font. Your response should be 300 words or more. Include citations and a link to your article or download the article and attach it to the assignment. Responses can be in one document if you like. REMEMBER TO LABEL IT RESPONSE 1 AND RESPONSE 2 SO THAT THERE IS NO CONFUSION.