Here is the YouTube link for our GreenTalk  #8:

You’re the leader of a student team that can’t move forward with their assigned proposal project on desalination plants. Some members think the direction of the project should be “anti” desalination because it is expensive, especially for low-income communities. Also, it harms rather than helps the environment. Others believe the direction should be “pro” desalination because the technology is essential to solving on-going drought problems, and that will help everyone.  

What do you do to help the team collaborate, move past their differences, and make progress on their project?

Write a memo to your team and apply information learned from GT 8 to help resolve the disagreement. You’ll have an Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion.

Let team members know that you understand both sides, and that both issues are valid. (Explain how/why.) Remind them of any agreements the team made, such as those in the Global Team Operating Agreement that was presented at the GreenTalk.

State at least three suggestions for solving the problem.
For example, the team can make both pro and con issues part of the project.
(Encourage team members to also share their suggestions.)

You might suggest that the project conclusion include ways other communities and cities have resolved the “anti” and “pro” issues.