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Hands On Lab

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This is your second opportunity to create art for this class. Students must first experience art to be able to teach it. I generally make samples of all of my art lessons. First, because I just love to be creative! Second, it allows me the opportunity to see where misconceptions may occur, where differentiation may be necessary, etc.


So, for this assignment, look through the Model Lesson Plans included within Chapter 5 (pages113-119), the Art Start Lesson supplement that came with your textbook, or online (if you find a lesson online, please include a URL link to the lesson in your narrative, so I can find it). Choose a lesson that you wish teach, to yourself or a child of your choosing!


In this process follow the directions of the lesson and actually complete it yourself or teach it to a child – as you progress, take photos of your work. Then take a photo of your final project. You will need these photos in your documentation when you have completed the activity. For your documentation, you will include the following:


Your name, Date completed, who actually did the artwork, and Title of the lesson (including where you found it – chapter 5 or the Art Start lessons)

How long it took you to complete the project & any difficulties you encountered along the way

Ways in which you would attempt to differentiate (make accommodations) for students with special physical needs, language needs, etc. (include at least 2 ways you could differentiate the lesson)

Please be sure to compress photos!