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2.Hardware and telecommunications (Although this is a SaaS solution, MTC must ensure that its IT infrastructure can support the use of the system and that its employees can correctly access the system.)  Include the following:

a. List the types of hardware MTC employees can use to access the system.  (2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

b. Identify what kind of telecommunications will be used for the solution, including local connectivity inside MTC and Internet access from outside MTC.(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

c  List any other considerations related to ensuring employees can access the applicant tracking system.


3.Configuration (Even SaaS solutions require a degree of configuration for each client. What needs to be done to implement the MTC job requisitions, workflow, reports, terminology and/or logo/graphics?)  (Include the answers to the questions below, but not the questions themselves.)(2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)

a. What options does the vendor offer for configuring the off-the-shelf system to MTC’s needs?  

How will the configuration be done and by whom? (2022 Latest answer at essaycrack.com)