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have intelligent conversations

General Writing Requirements: Your paper must be: 2-3 (front only) typed pages, double-spaced with 1-inch margins; Times New Roman 12 pt font; Microsoft Office Word or RTF formatted document. Background information about me: Strong Family Background Family believes in education, ie earning degrees Family is very supportive Family teaches morals and values Family allows people to have their own opinions about things Family has exposed me to foreign countries to travel, exposed me to different types of food.

Introduced me to other cultures so that I would not be afraid but would be able to have intelligent conversations with people. I have a pretty good life Many students find it difficult to grasp the sociological imagination because they lack experience in this area and honestly the writing is hard to understand. Remember the sociological imagination is the ability to grasp the relationship between individual lives and the larger social forces that shape them. To help you have a deeper understanding of what C. Wright Mills had in mind and have you tap into your own sociological imaginations this writing assignment should help. The sociological imagination helps us place our individual experiences in the context of the larger society.

For this writing assignment, consider a social institution that has played a big role in shaping your life experiences (school, work, religion, family, and government), and explain its impact on your life good or bad. In addition to discussing your personal experiences, provide a photograph that relates to this institution (pictures often say what words can’t). Simply copy and paste the picture into your word document. If necessary you can place the picture on the final page of your word document. Be sure to include a caption of your photo to explain what it is I am looking at. This paper offers you the freedom to say what you want and write in a style that is all your own. Remember this is your story to tell it in a way that you feel will bring about the most understanding. Some students in the past wrote as if they were writing a friend about it, describing details that created a mental image when I read it. Be creative and have fun, tap into that sociological imagination I know you have.