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Having a want for something will allow consumers to still purchase food from the cafeteria.

Mention specific ideas in your response, and consider including quotes from your reading that may add something to the posting below. Please the respond to the posting below must include an outside reference and should include a thoughtful question to further discussion. 1. Other options that might have been used in collecting data could be to track transactions or by observation. The hospital cafeteria food committee could use each transaction every day to determine what foods are being purchased to more accurately collect data. Also, the committee could have someone observing the check out lines to mark down the foods that are being purchased by customers and employees so to have a more accurate conclusion with the other methods of collecting data. 2. Other types of data that could be collected to address the objectives could be customers sharing their experience in what healthier foods they would want to see.

This would allow for the committee to hear what the consumers want and make it happen. Having a want for something will allow consumers to still purchase food from the cafeteria. 3. Challenges that might be faced by the cafeteria when switching to healthier food options could be a lose in food as healthier food tends to go bad quicker and a lower sales as some people will not like the healthier options. These challenges will largely impact the decision for the hospital to move to healthier food options. Two ethical issues that should be considered are religion and ethnicity. Some religions and ethnicity’s follow certain diet guidelines. With the implementation of healthier food options, this might set limitations in what they can eat. This would then stir them away from ordering food at the cafeteria. I chose these because I already see if, first handedly, at Mercy. They have limitations on options for people with different ways of living which impacts discriminates against their religion beliefs or ethnicity. While, they have expanded on options provided in the cafeteria, they still have not vastly expanded to meet all ways of living. Barr, E. (2022, July 15). 6 ethical issues in business and what to do about them • sprigghr. SpriggHR. Retrieved October 18, 2022, from https://sprigghr.com/blog/hr-professionals/6-ethical-issues-in-business-and-what-to-do-about-them/ Perrin, K. (2015). Principles of Evaluation and Research for Health Care Programs. Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 978-1-284-03896-5.