Patten, M. L. (2018). Understanding research methods: An overview of the essentials (10th ed.). Routledge. ISBN 9780415790529 APA 7th edition formatting No copied, quoted, or plagiarized material US-based sources only Review rubric Write in 3rd person Use scholarly sources (e.g., textbook, journals, government agencies) less than 5 years old Remember to provide evidence to support your responses as well as citations and references (including the article you are analyzing)! For example, when answering 1b. You would include how your problem statement meets the 5 criteria for problem statements that you learned in Module 1. Include citations and references from the textbook, course content, and your research article throughout your analysis. This is required. Failure to do so will result in point loss or rejection of your paper. Use the same research study that you selected in Select a Study in Module 2 to answer these questions for Analyses #1 & 2. You must use the template provided in the course, and include the entire question prior to your response. The template will expand to accommodate your responses. Your paper will not be accepted if the instructions are not followed completely. Keep the template in black font (as provided), but use royal blue font for your responses. Well thought out and comprehensive answers to the analysis questions will generate a critical analysis of your research article, a skill that all baccalaureate-prepared, health care and human services professionals need to acquire in order to provide evidence-based care to their patients/clients. Use APA 7 format for all citations and references. Use the correct file naming procedure for your submissions. For Analysis #2 answering questions 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 [Covering content from Modules 4-6]