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Health Education Assignment

Discussion Board Assignment – Health Education Assignment Guidelines Worth 5% of your Final Grade The Practical Nurse is working in a

community that has a high Covid-19 case count. Based on the Public Health Records, the nurse notes that a large number of clients in the community are still unvaccinated, while others are refusing to take the Covid-19 Booster vaccine and gathering in large numbers. During a recent family assessment, the nurse documents that some clients refer to the vaccines as "a big political scam."

After reflecting, the nurse determines that the members of the community need further education so a teaching session is planned to improve the health literacy of the people in the community regarding Covid-19 and the importance of complying with Public Health Guidelines regarding

vaccinations and capacity limits. As the Practical Nurse working in this community, plan and conduct a teaching and learning session for a family from the community. In preparing and delivering the teaching session, the nurse must consider and include ALL of the following factors: State the role of the nurse in teaching and learning. Provide one goal supported by the rationale for patient education. State one basic learning principle and explain how this learning principle may influence your target clients. Choose one learning domain to plan a teaching/learning activity for your clients and state why. Provide a detailed description of your teaching/learning activity (how are you going to teach this family) Conduct an evaluation of your clients understanding of the teaching and learning session.

Present paper in an essay format using APA 7th edition. The paper should be NO less than four (4) pages, including a cover page and a reference page. Provide at least 3 references in your paper. Examples of references may include the Course Texts, Peer Reviewed Journals, CNO Standards & RNAO Best Practice Guidelines. Use Chapter 20 in Potter et. al., & Chapter 26 Kozier et. al., as a guide to complete this

assignment. Refer to the assignment RUBRIC to ensure that you meet all criteria. Provide an insightful response to at least one of your peers before posting your response (cut and paste your peer response to the end of your assignment document). Upload a word copy of your Discussion Board Assignment to the Assignment Folder as well as to the Discussion board.