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Beyond physical health, how has COVID-19 impacted us? Your health project this term will explore this. Pick one of the topics below to focus on for your project. Next to each topic, Ive listed a few ideas for focus however, you can go in any direction you want with the topic as long as you focus on how COVID-19 has had an impact.

  • Sexual Health and Relationships how has COVID impacted how people meet, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies?
  • Addiction and Drug Use are people engaged in more drug use because of the pandemic, drinking more/less, how are people getting treatment, does virtual treatment work?
  • Healthcare System are people accessing preventive care less/more due to the pandemic, have dentist offices seen a decrease, have people increased their use of alternative medicine
  • Nutrition and Health Eating are people cooking at home more with more nutritious meals, have people gained weight because they are eating more or eating more fast food, are people stress eating?
  • Physical Activity with restrictions to gyms are people working out less, how have people been creative in finding ways to be physically active, are usually fit people more sedentary because of COVID-19?
  • Violence and Unintentional Injuries have reports of domestic violence increased, have the number of car crashes decreased with less people on the road, have community seen more community violence
  • Mental Health how has quarantine affected the mental health of people who are not connected, are people who need mental health getting services?
  • Spiritual Health have people felt less/more connected to their churches/temples/mosques with the restrictions, has COVID made people more mindful or spiritually connected?

You will complete a 4-6 page paper that addresses and incorporates the following.

  • Research from 3-5 articles on the topic find reputable articles online related to your topic. The library has access to many sources for you to use. You must provide a reference list and source your information within the paper.
  • Interviews with 3-5 people about their opinion or experience over this last year related to your chosen topic find a way to interview (virtually) individuals (18 and over) about the topic. You can ask them questions about their attitudes, opinions, knowledge, emotions, and ideas.
  • Proposal for a program that can be instituted at school to support students in Spring semester related to this topic.


  • 4-6 pages, double-spaced, no larger than 12-point font, 1-inch margins, no heading (title is okay)
  • Content should be expressed in your own words. Any content that is from pulled from another source needs to be referenced and exact wording should be quoted.
  • Sections [page numbers are approximations paper should flow, does not have to be sectioned off by page]
    • Introduction [0.5-1 page] why interested in the topic
    • Research [1-2 pages] discussion of articles and findings
    • Interviews [1-1.5 pages] findings from interviews and discussion of what you learned, and if what you learned supports or differs from your research
    • Program Proposal [1 page] based on what you learned, come up with and share details about a program the college could implement to address the issue or to support students related to this topic how would it work and what area/division on campus could run it?
    • Summary [0.5 page]
  • Reference list (separate from the 4-6 pages)