Health Sciences 3900 WI, Dr. Frech
Literature Review
100 points: 10% of your final grade
The literature review builds from your Topic and Justification. It should review and describe the evidence base as it relates to your topic, and describe how your topic aims to advance what we already know. It is important to keep in mind that your project is the real focus of a literature review.

The sources you cite should justify the need for your project and provide context for what has already been done.
You will need to synthesize the information you read in your sources, so you can apply it to your research question. You should not just summarize the information from the articles you have read. There should be no direct quotes from the articles. While based on your sources, the literature review is mostly about your project.

Youll be using what youve read to strengthen or support your topic and to show that you understand the existing evidence base and have an idea for how to advance it.
Writing will be scored using the rubric posted to Canvas. Additional details and requirements are listed below:
This assignment is worth 100 points:
Visit the Writing Center, 10 points: You are required to visit the Writing Center or submit to the Online Writery as a part of this assignment. You can visit at any stage before you start the paper, while you are still reading sources, once you are getting started, or toward the end as you are finishing up.

Include images of the front and back of the receipt from your visit as a photo or attachment with your paper, or create a PDF and include it at the end of your paper. You should integrate feedback from this visit into your paper before you submit it.
Sources, 15 points: You need to include at least five peer-reviewed journal articles in your literature review. It is OK to use articles I have assigned in class. Journal articles here refer to scholarly or scientifically reliable journals that undergo peer review, not popular, journalistic, or trade publications.

If you are unsure of the difference, go back to the lecture from Rebecca Graves during Week 3, or my lecture. All five sources must closely relate to your topic. All five sources must be used roughly equally: do not cite five and then primarily integrate only two or three into your paper. At least four of the sources must be less than ten years old. In addition to these five sources, you may use up to three institutional (CDC, NIH, or similar) sources.
Organization by theme, 25 points: Your literature review should not be organized by articles (a list of articles with summaries of each article) but by topics or by themes. What this means is you will want to identify shared themes across articles that relate to your topic, and write about them in a way that relates the themes together and in the end, points to your project as the next research that needs to be conducted.
Focus, style, editing, and development, 50 points: This paper should be at least five and no more than seven pages in length, not including references, and cited using APA format (7th edition). Use Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced, with one-inch margins. Points will be deducted for altering margins or font to make the paper look longer or shorter.

Writing should be clear and direct, with no spelling or typographical errors. Your writing style should not include persuasive or emotional language make scientific and fact based arguments using scholarly sources. It is okay to say I. Details for point deductions and allocations are posted in the rubric on Canvas.