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Healthcare Case Study
Paper details:
Assessed Learning Outcomes
1. Critically evaluate leadership theories and assess their utility in the management of change 3. Evaluate potential barriers to organisational change and effective management of the process
You must provide a hard copy of your presentation slides at the start of your presentation You must also upload the presentation file and any other relevant material on the link provided
Ensure that slide 1 includes your name and SID number.
Use Harvard referencing to acknowledge the sources
Your final slide should provide the Reference List

Healthcare Case Study
You are senior managers working for a homeless charity. To date the charity has
3 shelters based in London. Staff within the shelters fulfil several roles and often
move around the different shelters to work.
The shelters are increasing in popularity and as such, the CEO would like to
expand services offered by employing specialist teams to develop Activity Hubs
(both within the shelters and as outreach services).
Youhave been asked by the CEO to present your advice to her on the
challenges and best course of action to achieve a successful outcome for the
You are required to identify the following in the presentation:
As a group, you need to work together to present task one.
(Marks will be allocated based on time management,
Task (40 marks) (LO1)
Task 1: Critically evaluate and assess how the organisational leadership may
need to adapt and evolve through the lifecycle of the organisation (with specific
reference to the change in question).
Task (50 marks) (LO3)
Task :2 Evaluate how the culture of the organisation may pose as a barrier to the
initiative. Suggest and evaluate strategies for overcoming any arising challenges.
Please note: Both answers are to include PowerPoint slides with notes to explain it clearly.