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Overview: For this exercise, you will examine how the Mayo Clinic’s creation of a purposeful atmosphere, Healthscope, aligns to the organization’s mission and

goals and adds value for its target audience.

Prompt: For this exercise, you will complete a 3- to 4-page paper regarding how these impromptu atrium piano events at the Mayo Clinic and the design of the

buildings are considered marketing and how they affect customers. In addition, you will evaluate how these strategies align with the Mayo Clinic’s Mission and


In a 3- to 4-page paper, address the following:

• Healthscape: Why is the healthscape (the service areas, waiting rooms, and architecture of a healthcare organization) considered marketing for the

Mayo Clinic?

• Alignment: How does this healthscape align to the Mayo Clinic’s mission and goals?

• Customers: Who are the customers that are served by the hospital atrium and the events that occur around the piano?

• Value: How does the atrium and these events offer value to Mayo Clinic’s customers?

Refer to the resources provided above, your texts, and other course resources to support your responses.


Guidelines for Submission: The short paper should follow these formatting guidelines: 3 pages in length, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font,

one-inch margins, and citations in APA style.