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70 Typhon encounters are required this semester. You must input an encounter in your Typhon account for all patients that you see during the clinical experience. I will review and approve these entries.

What type of encounters do/do not count for Womens Health Clinicals:

The FNP student clinical guide states
Students should focus on assessment and management of health and diseases specific to women across the lifespan. Health care providers often assess women’s healthcare related to anatomical parts that society perceives as making them female. Other woman’s healthcare related issues, both physical and psychosocial, may also be evaluated in the healthcare setting.

So, when reviewing an encounter, I ask are any of the issues in this visit SPECIFIC to women? If yes, then it will count and if not then it will not count.
This same standard applies to visits for lab reviews and/or physicals – unless they include specific womens health items, then they will not count.

Visits for chronic conditions, like diabetes or hypertension, will not count since these diseases are not specific to women. However, thyroid conditions will count – even though they arent only seen in women – because many GYN providers manage mild hypothyroidism.
If you are seeing a hypertension or other chronic disease follow up and you can include health maintenance information that IS specific to womens health, like due for mammogram – ordered, or coming in for a hip fracture when the patient is postmenopausal and documenting in their plan that they are going to get a DEXA then these encounters will count, because they have included womens health specific items into a normal visit.


information needed per patient: age, sex, race, reason for visit, chief complaint, ICD-10 code, CPT billing code, HPI. I need this information for 70 patients and it needs to be related and based on the information I provided in the instructions.