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Hematology, Respiratory, Urology, Gastroenterology

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Wasn’t really sure if yall could do this but the girl that referred me to this site said that you all could. There is an example table in these directions. I attached a copy of my results in the drop file section.


Review the following APEA testing domains: Assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, pharmacotherapeutics, and planning and intervention.

There must be a minimum of four (4) knowledge areas and two (2) testing domains included in the study plan (additional weak areas are encouraged to be included). At a minimum, the student should select the lowest scored four (4) knowledge areas and the lowest scored two (2) testing domains.

The study plan must include at least six (6) total learning goals based on the knowledge areas and testing domains (see above). Each goal must have at least four (4) associated learning activities, a timeline for completion (within the current class timeframe), and a reflection.

Learning activities must be clearly identified and detailed.

Learning activities may include, but are not limited to:

Practicing with subject specific and additional exams in the APEA My QBank

Additional time studying specific areas of the APEA review module

Watching a webinar

Reading specific journal articles

Attending a conference or workshop

Working with preceptor in clinical setting to address identified weaknesses

Reviewing case studies

Going through a practice simulation

Studying from the certification review textbook

Attending a live certification review course

Preparing the Assignment

The assignment must be completed in a table format (see below) or organized in such a way that each learning goal is clearly separated and easily identifiable. All parts of this assignment must be the student’s original work. APA format is not required.