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Historical Context Essay – James Brown’s Music in relation to events happening in the sixties

A.    INTRODUCTION/THESIS STATEMENT:  You should start with a short introduction (at least one paragraph) that explains and justifies your central position.  It should convince your reader that your paper is important and worth reading.  It must include your thesis statement, which most likely will be the last sentence of your introduction.

B.     REASONS AND EVIDENCE:  Offer evidence to prove your point.  This section should be well organized and focus on supporting your central argument.  Use different types of evidence to support your claim.  Make sure your claim is supported thoroughly by the evidence through the use of examples, statistics, illustrations, quotes, and proper citation of secondary/primary source materials. C.     ANALYSIS:  How does the evidence support your thesis statement? 

To what extent are you right or wrong based on the evidence?  How do you know that the evidence you have provided is ample and appropriate to prove your thesis statement?  Taking into account rival arguments and opposing views, how valid is your argument?  What are the limitations of your research?

D.    CONCLUSION:  Explain how your argument is valid and/or sound.   How does your analysis support your central argument?  Why should your reader care about your findings? E.     REFERENCES, NOTES, AND FORMATTING:  You should include at least four scholarly sources and formatting should follow APA style.   References I would like to use: https://wers.org/the-vault-of-soul-james-brown/