The Bintel Brief was a series of letters sent by ordinary Eastern European immigrants to a Yiddish-language newspaper, the Jewish Daily Forward. Read these letters and the responses of the editors (available on Blackboard).
What are some of the main themes or problems identified in these letters? How do these issues relate to the immigrant experience in America?
What is the point of view of the Bintel Brief editors in their responses to the letters? How does their approach compare to other individuals or ideas we discussed in class, such as Jane Addams, Social Darwinism, or the Nativists?
Finally, do you think todays immigrants face difficulties similar to the Bintel Brief writers? How and why?
In your assignment, dont just summarize each letter individually. Instead, try to identify the patterns that they form, such as conflict between immigrants, or nostalgia.

Thats the article name The Bintel Brief