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In an essay (500-word minimum), respond to one (1) of the following essay prompts. Make sure to make an argument (thesis statement) that you will prove throughout the essay. Use evidence from the readings and videos provided in the unit-1 content folder. Make sure to cite any direct quotations or paraphrases from these sources in a footnote. Simple footnotes are fine. Just make it clear which source you refer to. Remember that your submission will be checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign.
There are many ways to think about the Eurasian world between 1200 and 1500: a disconnected group of mutually independent regions; a group of regions connected in a way that established a single Eurasian economic system; something in between; or many other possibilities. Make an argument for how we should understand the Eurasian world during this period.
How did European exploration and colonization reshape the world system? Discuss both the extents and limitations of Europe’s reach.