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Professor Instructions:

The reviews should be at least 750 words in length (approximately three double-spaced pages,12-point font, Times New Roman). I do not advise writing less than 750 words, but you arewelcome to write more than 750 words. Please do not assume that a long book review willautomatically receive an A. Your grade is based on the quality, not the length, of the review. 

A good book review will include a summary of the books contents. However, the bulk of thereview will address the authors central argument, the major themes of the work, and the sourcesused. Do not be afraid to be critical, but please make sure your critique is well-reasoned. For examples of book reviews please consult the Journal of the Early Republic, The AmericanHistorical Review, and the Journal of American History
What I Need:
I need someone to obtain and read the book, “Hodges’ Scout: A Lost Patrol of the French and Indian War: by Lent Travers. After reading the book, I need a review of the book following the instructions listed above.