Assignment 1 word count:400

One of the recurring challenges in hotel operations is how to manage the relocation of guests following an overbooking.  When this situation occurs, the front desk employees are on the firing line.  They are the ones who have the awkward responsibility of explaining to guests that rooms are not available and that other accommodations have been arranged perhaps across town.  

Front desk employees resent being put in this situation and they can feel quite angry with the sales and reservation department. 

Similarly, housekeepers can become angry with front desk staff if they have shown too much leniency in allowing late check-out times.  As shortened cleaning time puts stress on the housekeeping team.

Assignment Instructions

The required response should be 2 paragraphs for optimum score.

Paragraph One

What is the root cause of these issues?

Paragraph Two

How would you as a manager overcome these difficulties?

Assignment 2 word count:150

  1. Which style best represents you today?
  2. Which style do you want to develop/align with in order to be an effective leader within the hospitality industry?
Assignment3 word count :100

Leadership is the ability to influence others. Think about the leaders you’ve met and worked with so far in your life. These can be a high school coach, a teacher, a church or community leaders whom you have gotten to work with and grow from. Now narrow that field down to the BEST leader.

  1. What did that person do that made him/her GREAT?
  2. What were the behaviors?
  3. How did s/he make you feel?