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John Dewey tries to think about a philosophy of art that removes the sacred or sterile nature of art that gets relegated to a museum. Write a paper that responds to Deweys ideas about art as lived experience and as part and parcel of life. Visit the Rubin Museum and consider how this art is/was part of life though it may end up in a museum. It may be helpful to compare an image or several images at the museum to art in your own life (music, billboards, movies, religious art, etc). Here is also a good place to return to ancient greek architecture. Think about what would be important to know or how a person would have to approach the art that is important to you hundreds of years from now for it to be as alive for them as it is for you. Your thesis might be, for example, an argument or opinion on how and if art can be brought back to into lived experience once it has been seen in a museum. Please note as much information about the work(s) of art as possible, including any information given to you by the museum itself. You can bring in ideas and text from works weve read (Illiad, Bacchae). Please take a picture of the work/works and include them with your paper.