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How are they different, in light of that biographical context?

listing ALL the connections and disconnections you see between two works. Instead, you are finding some sort of common ground, and exploring it, forming an argument. You are using this poem Marilyn Chin “Hospital in Oregon” and Compare it to a contemporary short work of fiction or nonfiction (which can include stories, essays, songs, even TV episodes or works of art), making an argument about a common theme, image, symbol, or idea. Some focuses can be LIterary Elements: Key questions: What do the works have in common? Do the works have an element in common such as structure, tone or subject matter? Identify what those common elements are, define the genre and what you see as its distinguishing factors, and talk about how this/these works fit into it. Discuss how the author(s) use the genre elements to convey meaning in the story.Biographical context: Key questions: How did aspects of the authors’ lives shape the works? What do the authors have in common? How is that reflected in the work? How are they different, in light of that biographical context? You will have to read about the author(s), and/or read their letters or other writing. I will also need 500 words by oct 24, 1000 words on oct 27, and 1150 on nov 3.